All the answers you seek are within you!

You KNOW that your inner guidance is your greatest gift and holds all of the answers you have been searching for!

Yet, so many of us struggle to trust our intuition for our clarity or direction; make decisions with ease or take inspired action with confidence. Because our intuition is so natural to us, we don’t really understand its gifts or how to apply it in our day to day lives without guilt, fear, doubt or self-sabotage! 

You would have learned from my FREE Conscious Creation eBook

  • What you experience in the physical is a direct reflection of what is really going on inside you. If you don't like what you are experiencing, the only place you can go to change it, is within.
  • Everything you desire is possible for you and every desire lives in you as a calling to your highest potential.
  • Shifting your subconscious programming; mastering your mindset & aligning your energetic vibration to your desires are essential to achieving success.

With that in mind, imagine for a moment:

How different your life would be if you knew how to access inner peace, manage your own energy and raise your vibration into alignment with your authentic purpose and desires?

How confident and free you would be, if you could master your mindset and shift the beliefs that hold you back?

How your energy levels would soar if you knew how to protect yourself from other people´s negative energy and replenish your energy from a pure source?

Imagine where you could go and what you could achieve if you got out of your own way and embodied your full potential? 

What if the solutions you are searching for are simple skills you could easily learn once you are aware of them?

How would you like to make sense of your intuition and receive tried and tested tools required for your journey towards self empowerment, self mastery and an abundance of all that is important to you?

Because when you reconnect your head and your heart, you reconnect to your inner wisdom and guidance. 

When you raise your vibration & manage your own energy: you access infinite possibilities with greater ease & joy. This liberates your authentic spirit which guides you to explore and achieve your highest potential in high vibrational abundance. 

When your desire to live a fulfilled and abundant life is bigger than your fears and you make a decision to get curious about your true potential in your business (and life) The Universe responds immediately.

If this matches your desire – then I am available to serve you by introducing you to my best selling program...

4 weeks private coaching

The Energetic Essentials Toolkit

The building blocks that take you from Self Doubt to Self Empowerment

How to KNOW if this Toolkit is right for you?

The Energetic Essentials Toolkit is perfect for you if:

  • You often have brain fog and feel scattered. You tend to feel overwhelmed and confused when faced with important decisions.
  • Despite being very busy, you avoid taking the action that will take you closer to your desires. Procrastination and self-sabotage are becoming your middle name.
  • You are not performing at your fullest potential, do not have clarity on your next step and are not achieving the results you desire.
  • You easily pick up other people´s negative energies and find yourself taking their "stuff" on.

and NOT for you if:

  • You are not committed to seeing better results
  • You are happy with the way things are and have no desire to grow
  • You are not open to trying a different approach or fresh perspective
  • You easily manage your energy levels

What's Included In The Energetic Essentials Program?

  • 4 x 60 min private session in person (Haugesund) or on skype where I hold the space and guide you through each process so you can experience how they feel at their most powerful and learn them for future use. I also read and interpret your energy as I go, so you get the maximum benefit
  • Follow up emails after each session outlining new processes and mindset mastery reminders
  • Lite email support


A daily practice that will help you:

Clear brain fog and cope better with stress.

Get into and remain "in the zone" effortlessly.

 Reconnect your head & heart so you can connect to your intuition for clear inner guidance.

Energetically protect yourself.


Purify your own energy field by pulling out toxic energy & emotions you have picked up from people, places & things.

Replenish your energy from pure sources whenever you feel tired or drained.

Enhance your ability to make decisions with clarity and confidence.


Reconnect to your Mojo and rediscover that special spark that makes you, authentically YOU. 

Discover which qualities are most important to you so you can embody them more fully.

Explore who you are authentically and in your heart.


 Receive guidance from the only person who has walked a mile in your shoes.

Discover how to walk your own path authentically - free from fears of failure, success and other people´s judgements.

 BE at peace.

What Can You Expect?

  • To get clear on what you really want – Once you have clear and direct connection to your inspiration and intuition, you are able make better decisions and know what to do in any given situation.
  • To step into ease – when using these tools, you show up with presence and focus, find balance and get better results. These tools are guaranteed to raise your vibration and increase your magnetism, which improves your relationships considerably.
  • To feel 10 years younger - on track, on purpose and more empowered than ever before.

Investment:  US $ 997

Signing up is as easy as 1,2,3:

1. Schedule your FREE 30 min Discovery Session so we know we are a good fit.

2. Complete the brief questionnaire so I can prepare and you get maximum benefit from our time together.

3. Receive an email from me confirming our session.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Yes! I am ready!

In order to attract success, you must learn to BE the successful entrepreneur you long to be!

I help purposeful entrepreneurs embody their highest potential and achieve their desired success.

I also work with successful entrepreneurs who have hit a glass ceiling and are ready for a fresh perspective on their next step of their desired growth.

We are not taught how to manage our energy or how energy flows and this toolkit is the game changer. In only 4 weeks, life can change so successfully for you (and your business).

Allow me to be your guide within to time, lifestyle and financial freedom!

Christina Bjordal

Through my coaching sessions with Peta Panos, I have gone through an incredible healing process!  With her hands-on guidance, I have come to know myself on a deeper level and been able to heal the wounds that had prevented me from truly acknowledging and developing my potential. Peta is an excellent and unique coach and I can wholeheartedly recommend working with her if you want to reach your goals in both your career and personal life. My life has improved in so many ways, and my new songs bear testament to this incredible transformation of thought, mind and even matter. Thank you, Peta, for showing me the tools I needed and for teaching me how to use them!

Christina Bjordal, Singer / Songwriter
Tracy Peacock

In retrospect, I started working with Peta at the perfect time and was amazed at how much personal and professional growth awaited. Peta has helped me face my demons, overcome my fears and realize my dreams. I felt so comfortable and connected to Peta during the skype sessions and wholeheartedly recommend her coaching services. She keeps it real and has the beautiful ability to bring out the best in people.

Tracy Peacock, Director of Pecock's Equipment
David Morelli

If you’re considering Peta Panos as your coach, I can tell you, “You’re in good hands!” I’ve had the pleasure to teach her and see her blossom into a powerful, clear, action-oriented coach with patience and heart. I recommend you jump on this chance.  You can thank me later!


David Morelli, Head of The Enwaken Customer Satisfaction Department
Katherine Lia Cantwell

Peta brings a gentle intuitive authority to her work. Her beautiful voice easily draws you into her guided processes, allowing you to surrender for a time, whilst feeling safe and nurtured, and all the while supported through your blind spots to a place of transformation that you can literally feel happening inside of you. Whereas it may feel scary going into the unknown alone, with Peta as your guide, you come out the other side feeling more authentically you, so very peaceful and with a whole lot more breathing space to create from.

Katherine Lia Cantwell, Spiritual Leader, Speaker and Author

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